Fashion/Lifestyle. Keeping up with the latest trends

A year with twelve seasons plus special collections is no doubt par for your business. INTER SPEED understands this and is attuned to your rhythm.

Our employees achieve things that at first sight seem impossible. Being at home in numerous markets, INTER SPEED can readily handle multinational procurement. We also know what is best done in the country of manufacture to cut costs. In tandem with your experts, we analyse supply chains with the aim of identifying potential efficiency gains. You can rely on us to furnish you with a compelling, tailored solution.

Our fashion/lifestyle solutions include:

  • Purchase order follow-up and document control
  • Upstream goods manipulation, quality control, warehousing, order picking, labelling, price marking, barcoding and RFID tagging
  • Consolidation of consignments in procurement markets and subsequent transport
  • Shipping by road, air and sea
  • Pick & pack, freight consolidation, special packaging
  • Distribution and delivery, including shelf management

IT, Internet and EDI-based interfaces with existing systems