Our customs management know no boundaries.

Close attention to detail is vital for the smooth progress of any shipment. Even in a globalized world, customs issues and the associated commercial documents, permits, licences and import/export bans continue to play a key role.

With Babul Cargo International as your partner, you are certain to be spared any unpleasant surprises. On the contrary, with experienced customs specialists present at ports, national borders and terminals, we ensure rapid processing and get your goods back on the move while others are still in their starting blocks.

As an Authorised ASCUYADA Operator our sister company has direct access to customs offices and can streamline the process in various ways, all to your advantage.  All necessary operations – from customs declarations and bonded warehousing to inward or outward processing relief – are performed reliably and bureaucratically.

Our customs clearance services include:

  • Electronic customs clearance
  • Compliance with special customs requirements
  • Taxation aspects of customs
  • Authorized consignor/consignee clearance