The concept of project forwarding is embodied in the distant origins of the freight forwarding profession and may be simply described as the management of the movement of goods and materials, in non-standard packages by non-standard methods to or from non-standard destinations.

The project forwarder is, in effect, the architect within the transport chain, identifying and to a large extent, designing the most effective ways of moving goods and materials around the world, according to their individual needs.
Project cargo is by definition, time sensitive, as vast sums may be put at risk should materials arrive late, incomplete or damaged at their ultimate destination.
Babul Cargo International is at the forefront of international project forwarding and has a track record that stretches back almost years.  During this period, many added-value services have been incorporated within the project forwarding profile, with the sole objective of offering the discerning shipper a comprehensive door-to-door service from point of manufacture through to the ultimate delivery point.
Such services may include but are not limited to, the following:

  • Surface and Air cargo services, including rail movements
  • Ship and Aircraft charters, including barge movements
  • Expediting and Inspection
  • Heavy Lifts/Abnormal Load movements
  • Route Surveys/Site Inspections
  • Marine Insurance
  • Transport Engineering